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Stay away from the stress and pressure of regular life during your vacation. Croatia is a big and beautiful country in Europe. The location is mostly filled with more numbers of islands. We planned to visit this place as we can have more fun and enjoyable time as a family. Yacht is the best transport medium to travel around Croatia without any hassles. Initially, we thought to rent the yacht and later we decided to purchase the yacht as we can move around any places without the need of third person. There are several attractive places and sights in the region of Croatia. We thought to visit Zagreb which is a capital city of Croatia.

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It is perfectly situated on connecting routes. Zagreb is considered to be the heart of contemporary culture. We explored in medieval towers, cathedrals and markets and so it is the best city to visit in your vacation. We thought to stay for two days to enjoy all attractive delights in high range and so we booked a room in a luxury hotel.

Zagreb in Croatia

We really amazed the experience of staying in hotel as because of friendly services. Museum of Broken Relationship is really a unique and inventive museum that I ever had seen in my life before. When I wander around the museum, I used to read the shock and sad stories of breaking relationship. It is really worth of visiting it. Each and every object showed us different kinds of stories. The structural designs of museum really take me to a new experience. You cannot see this type of museum in anywhere in the world. We visited Zagreb during the summer season and so we got a chance to spend time in Jarun Lake. Make use of yacht charter to travel around Croatia. We had a great break from the stressful life and crowded noise. I enjoyed the sun while swimming in the lake. It is created as an artificial lake, but its wonderful views took us to new humankind. Feeling the fresh air with happy family is an unforgettable experience. I enjoyed the breeze air while walking around it. During summer season, several fun filled activities are conducting in that region and so we had great pleasure in diving activity.

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Tall buildings are converted as observer’s platform. We had a thought to see the entire view of city and so we preferred to enjoy the delight of Zagreb eye. It is an excellent chance to sight every bit of the city from the sky. We had a breath-taking experience and we enjoyed the beauty of the city in high range. It is also possible to have coffee with cool accessories and it is highly recommended to visit this city during your holiday break. If you visit this city, you should not miss this astonishing chance of it. St. Mark’s Church is really a beautiful and old architecture church in Zagreb. From the museum, it is a walk able distance to the church. We all amazed at its wonderful architecture in the church.

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