Croatian Marinas

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Generally I will take my family to a trip whenever we receive a vacation. Many places have been seen by us so far and we constantly use to find places to go to. This time I’d like to let my children to pick the place because each time my parents or my wife will choose the place so I wish to give them the liberty to choose. They said that they need to visit Croatia as soon as I asked to search for a location. I was surprised they know more about the nation and why did so I request them they want to see that place.
We reached Kornati Islands on our second day. Since we all were drunk, we did not know that we’ve made it to the place. Our yacht motorist awakened me and my friends up by talking something in Croatia (Croatian) language. We then seen with may and had our breakfast islands at the location. We have seen the park at the island and it was a different experience. By playing from the seashore we spend a while. We took great deal of photos and at the evening we visited with the hotel close the seashore and had a alcohol party. At the conclusion of the day, we took our yacht and returned to Dubrovnik.